Vintage Series

The Asher Vintage Series builds are for those who appreciate modern and boutique components but want the soul and feel of a vintage guitar. Carefully selected materials, and masterfully executed techniques of both the 1960's with todays precise tooling balance the old and new. Vintage Series details can be added to any base model Asher to create the perfect “Modern Vintage” build of your choice.

The Vintage Series models are crafted in limited quantities, and depending on the materials and details used, price varies. These guitars can range from $3400-$4800 USD.


  • Tempered Wood Bodies and Necks, boutique and specialty electronics
  • New Old Stock or Vintage Style Knobs
  • Custom Bakelite Pickguards
  • Thin Skin Satin and Gloss Nitro Finishes
  • Checking and Aging of Finish and Hardware
"Tempered"/Roasted Woods

Asher uses “roasted” bodies and necks to produce a supremely aged woody tone and character. The wood, processed by Hans Brede at Tempered Tonewoods, is thermally heat treated with a vacuum resulting in an extremely dry and stable Tone-wood at a cellular level. This technique has proven to produces a beautifully broad harmonic footprint and super long sustain – as if it had been aging naturally for decades.

These instruments are light-weight, super resonant and extremely stable in various climates. "I really have grown to love the "roasted woods," says Bill Asher. "These instruments sound huge and lively, and players are always pleasantly surprised at how "aged" the guitar fells and sounds - usually under 7.5 lbs."

Asher uses roasted woods including Swamp Asher, Maple, Flame Maple, Pine, Alder, Mahogany, and Basswood.

Boutique, Specialty and Custom Electronics

Asher offers up a variety of specialty electronics and pickups to enhance or emulate various desired tonal qualities. That "Holy Grail" tone is here, and it's alive!

Novak Classic Pickups, for example, creates custom and traditional pick up winds that are produced by hand on a Leo Fender inspired coil winder.

Other amazing craftsmen we use and support are producing some of the finest components and electronics we've found - including Emerson capacitors, Stellartone Varitone switches, Vintage Vibe Pickups, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Lollar, John Mann, Callaham and Mastery Bridges, to name just a few.

Asher is also crafting custom Bakelite and tortoise shell pick-guards, vintage-style "BadAss" pickup covers and using new old stock or vintage-style knobs.

Thin-skin Nitrocellulose/Poluester Lacquer, Stain, Gloss, Stain and Aged Finishes

Thin-skin satin and gloss nitro finishes on the “Vintage Series” builds help add to the aura and vintage connection to these guitars – not to mention the beautiful way they will wear over time.

The methods used to apply the nitro lacquer - the careful blending of layers and repeated process of spraying, curing and wet sanding - results in a beautiful thin finish that resonates and allows vibration to translated throughout the guitar.

Asher also applies aging checking and wear – if so desired – which is usually understated and tastefully executed.