Alan Akaka Signature 8-string


"It is incredibly easy to play and the harmonic response is so good!" – Alan Akaka


Asher Guitars is proud to offer the Alan Akaka Limited Edition 8-string lap steel guitar. Akaka and Asher joined creative minds to create this master built vision of a versatile, modern day Hawaiian steel that produces a full, robust tone, increased sustain, and superior playability.

The Akaka model is rich with low-end response and seemingly infinite sustain. The 24-inch scale length is optimal for intonation as well as supporting a variety of tuning options. It has a comfortable, slightly wider string spacing for easier finger-style play and precision. The active EMG pickup delivers a very clean signal with no noise and can be played through your amp of choice or direct through a PA system.

The design and details on this instrument come from the hearts of both Akaka and Asher. The symbolic "piko" fret markers (Hawaiian term related to the navel or center that connects our ancestry,) pays homage to the perpetuation and preservation of Hawaiian culture and music. The hummingbird image on the pickup holds special meaning to Asher and will bring added "mana" (spiritual power) to the instrument.