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Asher Double Palm Bender by Hipshot - for Lap Steel


Asher and Hipshot have teamed up to create the Asher Double Palm Bender accessory for lap steel. The system quickly transforms the lap steel into a new exciting and dynamic instrument giving you the half and full set bends achieved on a pedal steel guitar. It's extremely intuitive to use and doesn't interfere with palm muting. The Asher Double Palm Bender automatically retunes the strings and leaves your hands free to play. Imagine all the fun you can have with that sweet pedal steel vibe! **comes with strap lock

Easy installation *we recommend taking it to a qualified guitar technician.


  • Baseplate, arm lever and pin are solid stainless steel
  • Bender arm is aluminum
  • Level swivels out of the way when not in use
  • No modifications to the lap steel are needed for installation
  • Easy installation allows you to switch the system from one lap steel to another. 
  • Comes with strap lock
  • Also available for purchase to install on an instrument (see drop down option). Instrument must be at our shop to do the install.


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