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Tortoise *Acrylic Tele 5-Hole with Mini Humbucker / Firebird size pickup


This 2024 Guard is made of a new batch of acrylic tortoise that has beautiful dark chocolate tones with amber highlights. And is a direct fit replacement for your Tele.

This is the actual guard you will receive! Beautifully selected material precision cut to Fender Tele spec, rolled edges and polished to perfection. The front is hand polished on a buffing wheel, and the back is painted white for more contrast.                        Signed by Bill Asher.  


  • 5 Hole Telecaster replacement pickguard fits USA Fender spec Teles
  • Beautiful new batch of "Pacific" Tortoise  - dark chocolate brown/amber tones
  • Hand cut and hand polished to perfection

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