Lots to look forward to in 2016!

December 22, 2015

All of us on the Asher team want to wish you and your family a happy holidays! We are working until X-mas eve (we work part time for Santa), and will be right at work the following Monday. Don't feel sorry for us, we love what we do! With that said, we feel extremely grateful to each of you - our supporters - who believe in quality instruments and products, and chose the small family business over the gargantuan giants out there. We will continue to work hard and put out innovative, masterfully crafted instruments and other quality products so you can sound - and play - your best.

We are looking forward to a really exciting 2016. We have some new products and guitar models in the works. Here are a few to look out for - the Asher Acoustic Hawaiian Junior - with solid koa top, Resosonic lap steel (still in prototype mode, currently in the hands of Robert Randolph), Asher stainless steel slide bar, and a few other secrets we can't mention.

Please join us in 2016 in celebrating with music, and honoring and respecting our similarities with people around the world through the common language of music.  

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