Ben Harper Signature 6



Inspired by Asher's lap steel, the Electro Sonic guitar is designed for bottle-neck players and guitarists looking for fat tone and great sustain. The neck is hand carved with a smooth transition into the body for easy access to the upper frets. This instrument has perfectly detailed fret work and the final set up, which is performed by Bill Asher himself, insures the guitar's professional feel and brilliant performance.

The Ben Harper Signature Model lap steel simultaneously captures the classic tone of the revered '59 Les Paul guitar, the unique vibe of a vintage Weissenborn, with the feel and sustain of an Asher lap steel.

Bill Asher's modern design creates tremendous playability and increased tone options for a more creative and musical experience. Each instrument is hand built using the finest tone woods, hardware, electronics, and lacquer finish available. Truly a unique hybrid, the Ben Harper Signature Model may be one of the most exciting lap steels ever built.