Asher Black-T Dual Output Esquire or Telecaster Bridge Pickup 5.8k & 8.9k *Please Allow 2 Weeks to wind your custom pickup.*

This is an Excellent sounding hand wound pickup by Bill Asher. Alnico 5 magnets, 42 gauge wire, 5.8k and 8.9k outputs and Shellac potted. This offers the single pickup Esquire style guitars a better Tone option then just having treble cut caps. More Tele punch with a bit of "Grit" in the 8.9k position and great Tele Twang in the 5.8k position. This also can be installed in a two pickup stock tele and a Push/Pull pot used to switch between both Coil Taps! The Shellac potting offers more Harmonic response and nice Microphonic overtones! These will be made for your order. Please allow 2 weeks plus shipping time. Thank You and Enjoy the Tone! Bill Asher

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