Electrified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitars Fretboard Journal 30
Summer 2013

California Dreamin' - Bill Asher's Tinseltown Roots by Andy Volk
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Electrified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitars Electrified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitars - Book by Robert Shaw
November 2011

We are honored to be in this beautiful hard cover book that celebrates today's skilled luthiers in this golden age of electric guitar.
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Premier Guitars Want to know how Asher Guitars got started or what advice Bill Asher has for budding luthiers?
December 2011

Read all about it Premier Guitars' Modern Builder Vault article. Plus, get a quick summary of our most popular models, pricing and availability.
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Santa Monica Mirror Santa Monica Mirror
September 2011

"What is lost can eventually be found again. Sometimes, the reincarnate has more meaning or significance than the original. Such was the case for local musician Clayton Joseph Scott, a Venice singer-songwriter who had his Gibson J-45 guitar stolen from him during a June photo shoot in the Venice Canals a few miles south of Santa Monica.
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Westside - Spring '11 Westside Magazine
Spring 2011

Bill Asher designs and builds instruments for Los Angeles' most accomplished musicians from a humble workshop in Culver City. Read about Bill's interesting start in the guitar business, and how he has grown his passion for guitars into a thriving family business.
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Guitar Player Magazine - July '09 Acoustic Guitar Magazine
February 2011

Acoustic lap steels are revisited along with the master luthiers who are building some of the best contemporary Weissenborn-style guitars today –the short list includes the Asher Acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar.
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Guitar Player Magazine - July '09 Guitar Player Magazine
October 2009

The Asher Ultra Tone T Deluxe was put to the test by GP – and hit every note perfectly. From the vintage vibe, terrific tone and come-hither playability, GP says the T Deluxe should top your list of axes to audition.
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Guitar Player Magazine - July '09 Guitar Player Magazine
July 2009

Stripped Down and Amped Up: Ben Harper and Relentless7 Wingman Jason Mozersky Reveal How They Crafted Gnarly Hooks And Transcendent Tones On White Lies For Dark Times

The Fretboard Journal - Winter '08 The Fretboard Journal
Winter 2008 - Number 12

Punk rock's Iggy & The Stooges' James Williamson picked up an old Spanish-neck Weissenborn that needed a lot of TLC. He brought it to our one and only Bill Asher to tackle the restoration. Click here to read more about it.
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With Strings Attached book by Jonathan Kellerman With Strings Attached: The Art and Beauty of Vintage Guitars
Book by Jonathan Kellerman

New York Times Best-Selling author Jonathan Kellerman is not only a world-renowned mystery novelist, he is also a collector of some of the worlds most prized guitars. He put together a beautifully photographed hardback book with some highlights of his collection. Thank you Jonathan for including your Asher!
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The Fretboard Journal - Fall '08 The Fretboard Journal
Fall 2008 - Number 11

Ben Harper has a lot of guitars… here is a photo of some of his prized possessions, including his Asher Ben Harper Series II Limited Edition Prototype.
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Hand Made Hand Played by Robert Shaw Hand Made Hand Played: The Art & Craft of Contemporary Guitars
Book by Robert Shaw

This is a beautifully photographed testament to some of the most beautifully handcrafted modern guitars in the world. Featuring more than 300 varied acoustic and electric instruments and the artisans who made them. See which Asher guitar they chose to feature.
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Steel Guitar Forum Review
September 11, 2008

The Electro Hawaiian Junior has been creating a lot of buzz lately – it sounds great, looks great, and best of all, the price is great (for an Asher). Read what lap steel expert Brad Bechtel had to say about the Junior in his review on the Steel Guitar Forum.
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Groundwire Magazine
Summer/Fall - 2008

Asher Guitars Ben Harper Model II lap steel is featured in Seymour Duncan's Groundwire publication under its Custom Guitar Spotlight. "Asher's craftsmanship and commitment to creating a new generation of high-quality, modern-day instruments are sure to inspire the creation of music for generations."
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Gary Myrick & "The Lonely King" Video
August - 2007

Watch Gary Myrick demo his Asher Lap Steel guitar, "The Lonely King." New video featured on
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The Music Trades
May - 2007

"The new Asher Electro-Hawaiian Junior boasts impressive resonance, quality tone, and a professional feel, much like Asher's top-of-the-line model…"
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Guitar Player Magazine
February - 2007

Find out why Ben Harper's 6-string Asher lap steel is one of his favorite things, in addition to his prized Weissenborn and his Dumble amp…yes, we keep good company.

Frets Magazine
Winter - 2006

"Kudos to Asher for making top-quality instruments that are aesthetically pleasing and have killer tone. These laps would be very musical choices for anyone interested in the lap world, particularly blues, country, or roots players who already have some bottleneck chops and are looking to expand their slide palette."
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Frets Magazine
Spring - 2005

"My Asher sounds amazing," says Cashdollar, "like rich, dark velvet with shimmer on top. Finally – a Weissenborn sound you can hear onstage.... that's the most amazing instrument I've ever owned."
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Guitar Player Magazine
December - 1999

"I was excited when Billy built this guitar--it gets such a mad tone. Finally I could get solid body volume and sustain, control feedback, and still have some hollow resonance that filters up through the pickups instead of through the open hole."

Lap Steel Guitar
Book written by Andy Volk

Andy Volk has authored the definitive book about lap-style and console steel guitar. Lap Steel Guitar includes interviews with more than 35 of the greatest electric & acoustic steel guitarists of the past and present, as well as 40 color pages containing photographs of some of the most desired vintage steel guitars and new instruments.