Hello...and welcome to the Asher Guitars & Lap Steels site! I'm Bill Asher and I'm glad you're here!

It was back in my high school wood shop class where I made my very first guitar body, a copy of my Fender Stratocaster¨. It wasn't all that bad--it even landed me my first apprenticeship in the business. So as you can see, I've come a long way since then. And now that I've been in the business of vintage guitar repair, restoration and custom building for over two decades, I still love what I do! How cool is that?

Now, with Asher Guitars & Lap Steels, I am finally dedicating my work to building and designing the highest quality--and coolest looking--electric guitars and lap steels out there. Enjoy!
-Bill Asher

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Bill Asher, founder, owner and master builder behind Asher Guitars & Lap Steelsis also the head honcho and master luthier of the renowned custom shop Guitar Traditions in Los Angeles. Asher has a diverse and extensive 22-year career in the guitar business and has worked with an impressive list of clients including Grammy Award winners and Billboard Chart topping musicians.

Asher began his career in 1982 as an apprentice at a Los Angeles guitar making and repair shop run by Jeff Lunsford. In 1985 he opened his own retail shop providing the highest quality guitar work built on his natural gift as a craftsman, and soon became highly valued by his clients for his creative solutions and excellent customer service. After selling his store in 1987, he continued to broaden his knowledge of guitar repair and the business in general by working with highly respected guitar makers such as Rick Turner and Mark Lacey. He played an integral part in managing and leading their shops in vintage restoration and repair, guitar sales and marketing, as well as custom design and the creation of fine instruments.

Through the years, Asher has established a huge list of loyal clientele including over 1000 musicians, vintage dealers and collectors.

In 1998, Asher collaborated with rock star Ben Harper to create the Asher Slide Guitar: Limited Edition Ben Harper Model, which is the predecessor to the Asher Electro Hawaiian® Lap Steel. Ben Harper, who has given the lap steel guitar a new voice in music history, along with the classic Hawaiian lap steels made by Herman Weissenborn in the late 20's, ignited Asher's love for designing and building a masterfully crafted modern-day lap steel. Not compromising on style or quality, Asher set out and created a lap steel offering more sustain, greater tonal variation and pickup options much like modern electric guitars.

In December 1999, the Asher Slide Guitar in the hands of Ben Harper, appeared on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine. Needless to say, Asher's lap steels have become widely popular. In 2003, Asher became one of the featured contemporary steel guitar makers in the first comprehensive book about lap-style guitars titled, "Lap Steel Guitar," written by musician and journalist Andy Volk.

Today, Asher is continually being sought after by musicians, collectors and dealers-alike for his impeccable and creative work.

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Jessica AsherJessica Asher is the company's office manager who oversees administrative and financial aspects of Asher Guitars. She is also responsible for advertising, marketing and maintaining commerce on the website. Jessica brings to the company a Bachelor's Degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a Masters Degree in Print Journalism from Boston University. Makaela & Alia Asher

Makaela & Alia Asher are the resident cheerleaders at Asher Guitars. They boost morale, provide support and help give the shop that "homey" feel.

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